Homes for sale Calera AL

A beautiful city located south of Birmingham, AL. Calera is the perfect place to raise a family. Convenient to work, schools, shopping, entertainment and more. Click here for a map.

Calera AL Homes For Sale

Calera AL has a rich history, is poised for future growth and the housing is affordable!

Calera, Alabama 35040 had a population of 3,158 in 2000 and has almost quadrupled to 11,620 in the year 2010 making it the “fastest growing city” in the state of Alabama.

Calera was incorporated in 1887 and was named after the Spanish word for “limestone” (because of the rich mineral deposits located in the area).

The city of Calera Alabama is located 33 miles south (About a 40 minute drive) from downtown Birmingham; convenient to interstate I-65, highway 31, entertainment, schools and shopping.

Calera is home to the Shelby county airport, Oliver Park, The Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum, George Roy Park, Timberline Golf Course, Ozan & Vizzini Wineries, Historical Attractions such as The Calera Presbyterian Church and The Cowart Drug Store (both of which were built in 1885), as well as a rapidly growing modern day commercial infrastructure of both industry and retail.

Homes for sale Calera, AL 35040