Hoover annexes 103 acres on Dunnavant Valley Road

The city of Hoover has gained 103 acres and nearly 100 future homes after the Hoover City Council approved an annexation request for a property on Dunnavant Valley Road during a Nov. 2 City Council meeting.

The city of Hoover

The 103-acre property, owned by Samford University, is adjacent to The Cove At Greystone, which is contiguous to the city of Hoover.

According to Hoover City Councilman John Lyda, the 103-acre property is the location of a future 97-home neighborhood development, which is estimated to be complete in three to five years.

The neighborhood will create an estimated $38,600 in property tax for the city of Hoover and generate $197,000 per year for the Hoover City School System, Lyda said.

Currently, Hoover averages 1 child per “every 2.6 doors,” Lyda explained. Using this average, the new neighborhood is projected to add 32 students to the Hoover City School System.

Accounting for the cost of adding 32 students to the Hoover City School System, the neighborhood is still projected to generate a net gain of between $70,000 and $100,000 for the school system, Lyda explained.

Although two residents expressed concern about the burden to the city’s school system, fire department and police department, Lyda confirmed he had spoken to the Hoover Schools Superintendent Dr. Kathy Murphy, Hoover Police Chief Nick Derzis and Hoover Fire Chief John Wingate, and all three expressed no concern about the annexation. Read more…

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